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0.5ct Swiss Diamond Heart Earrings - Haggled Jewellery - 1

0.5ct Swiss Diamond Heart Earrings


You know what the best thing about Simulated Diamonds? They are flawless with the brightest brilliance. To the naked eye, you can't tell them apart. And they are affordable. No guilt! 
Treat yourself to something a little fancy and put the rest of the money to well deserved holiday in Paris!
Diamond: 0.5 ct Nano Simulated Swiss Diamonds
Metals: Sterling Silver
Cut: Solitaire with pave set
Length: 10mm
Width: 10mm

Swiss Diamond Info:

Swiss Diamonds are the world's most perfect diamond simulant cut by master craftsmen to the exact proportions and standards demanded by the diamond industry to ensure each stone has maximum brilliance and fire. Years of research and development by gemologists have produced a stone of such quality that it's indistinguishable from a diamond with the naked eye.

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